What can we do for you?

We offer a wide range of Disc Golf related products and services, if it involves cutting or printing there's a good chance we will have what you want. Its not just what you see here, if there is anything else you are looking for but cant see it in our listings, get in touch and you never know we might be able to assist you. With most of our products like stickers, t shirts etc, we can custom create these items for you to suit your own requirements.

Please scroll down to see an over view of services offered and if you have any questions please get in touch.

Clothing and Apparel

Coming Soon - We have big plans for this, with a large selection of: t-shirts, hoodies, hats and much more heading your way really soon. We will even be launching a range of our own, 'Hole One' branded apparel.

You will soon be able to live the Disc Golf life on and off the course. 


Basket Band Wraps

Bored of looking at the same top band on the basket? Want to freshen up your course? or Create more revenue for your club?

We offer a range of options to suit what ever you require. A simple colour change or just new hole numbers, all the way to full custom colour branded wraps.

This could be used to create extra revenue for your club by offering sponsorship of the baskets and putting new company logos onto them. With it been a wrap, after a year or how ever long the wrap can be removed turn the basket back to its original state and ready for a new sponsors name.

Band Wraps.png

Tee Signs and Course Signage

New course been installed? or Want to freshen up you existing course signage? We can help you your course stand out. We create quality signage that looks great, assists with the playing experience and informs and educates players and the general public. Don't underestimate what great signage would do for your course, but also don't think it costs a fortune. We can work a package for your course with pretty much any budget.

Club Packs

We are a Disc Golf brand that, one, loves Disc Golf and two, wants to give back as much as we can to help grow the sport.

We can offer a number of different packages to assist UK Disc Golf Clubs to increase exposure and revenue for the club. We work with the club to decide what options would work best and then we can start earning your club some extra cash. We can either sell on your behalf and return a % of every sale back to the club, or we can arrange a further discounted model for the club to retail themselves to make even more money for the club.

Players Packs

What makes a great Disc Golf tournament? Everyone will answer; a well run event on a great course with good people.

But what everyone also loves is 'free stuff' especially Disc Golf stuff.

We offer a wide range of options to create the ultimate player packs for your events or leagues. Really make your club and event stand out from the rest.

Stickers and Graphics

We offer a a wide range of stock stickers and graphics to choose from in a wide range of colours. We do both single colour vinyl cut stickers and also full colour printed stickers.

Its not just what you see here, if you have a design of your own we can custom create any sticker of graphic you wish. 


Disc Dye Templates and Supplies

Want a custom dye design on your own disk and what to give it a go yourself? We can help.

Pick one of our pre-designed disc dye templates or send us your own artwork and we can create a piece totally personal to you.

We will also be soon offering you a selection of disc dying supplies to help you on your way.

Disc Dyes.png

Gifts and Accessories

Coming Soon

Coming Soon - We will be offering a large selection of Disc Golf related everyday items that would be perfect around the home and as gifts for that special someone in your life. Things like: mugs, key rings, coasters, jigsaws, you get the idea.