Who we are and what we do...

Our mission is to provide the Disc Golf community with great products and great service. The products we will be using and selling will all be hand selected to maintain high levels of both value and quality throughout all our ranges. We aim to offer the best possible customer experience and service levels. 


We will be creating, stocking and selling a wide range of Disc Golf apparel, swag and merch. Perfect for on and off the course, everyday use and as gifts for the Disc Golf loving, special someone in your life. Our products are, but not limited to: stickers, disc dye templates and supplies, basket band wraps, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, bags, face masks, gloves, key rings, mugs, towels, course signage and tee signs and so much more.

We have many, many more ideas in the pipeline for both services and products that we hope we can introduce soon. 

We constantly strive to improve and this will be seen throughout our brand. We wont stand still and will also be creating and on the look out for the next exciting product.

We would love to hear from you to let us  know how we are doing and for any suggestions you may have.

Giving back to Uk Disc Golf

We are wanting to work closely with Disc Golf clubs and Courses to try give them extra exposure and revenue streams by offering a number of options to enable them to have there own branded range of apparel and gifts.

We are also wanting to work with tournament TD's to get some really cool swag in the players packs and to offer additional add on sales for there events.


If your a TD, Club or a Course please get in touch and see how we can help you. 

The Founder

Andrew Upmalis (Founder, Hole One - Disc Golf Co)

Spent 11 years working in Sports and Event management.

Setup an Automotive customs business in 2012 (to present). Customising vehicles, wraps, graphics, sign writing, stickers and signs. Throughout made all our own branded clothing/uniforms as well.


As a result it meant these processes could be used for more than just cars.

Fell in love with Disc Golf late in 2019 and so decided to use these skills and equipment to create new products for the UK Disc Golf scene by offering a range of apparel ,gifts and vinyl services.

Andrew Upmalis.jpeg

How It all started

Hole One - Disc Golf Co

It was late 2019 when I first thought about setting up a Disc Golf related company. I got a couple of different products ready to go, and then it all just got put back on the shelf. Still running my other business I was unable to give the new venture the time it required, then came 2020 and we all know what happened in 2020. Now for some this gave people some extra time away from work so they could focus on new passions, for myself it got a whole lot harder! Been self employed, I couldn't be furloughed and due to some unfortunate circumstances there was no government assistance for me, my income over night dropped to zero. So I had to get creative to ensure the bills could still be paid.

So once I had got back on top of things by late 2020 I took the decision to move forward with the Disc Golf venture and 'Hole One - Disc Golf Co' was officially born.